Wine Tasting Party: A Glance Behind the Scenes

In February of this year, a good friend and I threw a fabulous wine tasting. We had 30 something in attendance and featured 4 wines paired with specialty hors d’oeuvres. I am breaking the wine party in two posts and will cover as much as I can. This post will focus more on the preparation, decoration and highlights while the next post will focus on the actual wine and food pairings. I hope you will find this useful for planning your own fabulous party!

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Wine Tasting Simplified

Wine tasting made simple

This post will answer some of the most common and basic questions surrounding proper wine tasting. Questions like, swirl or smell first? And why swirl at all?! How do you smell and why do people stick their noses in the glass?! What about that first sip? Do you take a big sip, or little, and why? We’ll go over all these questions and more!

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DIY Wine Bottle Irrigator

Who knew making a plant irrigator could be so easy! Perfect for the forgetful gardener or the ever traveler!

This post is going to come with a hot second of back story: In the last 2 years, Hubby and I have moved across town, undertaken a MAJOR home renovation, and had twins while raising a toddler. All that to say, my garden is lacking (to say the least)! This is in part because I just haven’t had tons of time to get my hands in the dirt, also in part, because I am the most forgetful gardener on the face of the planet. If it doesn’t rain, you can bet my plants aren’t getting watered. Enter: the wine-bottle-plant-irrigator!! OK, so this won’t solve my problem 100% because you DO still have to refill the bottle… but it does HELP because you don’t have to fill it as often as daily watering!

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Chicken Marinade With White Wine

This chicken marinade couldn't be easier and is perfect for summer grilling!

I love summer time, it means grilling and sitting by the pool (OK, kiddy pool) while the little ones splash each other! The guys are standing around the grill talking baseball and the women are watching the kids and catching up on the latest gossip. Grilling means almost limitless dinner options! I am a big fan of a simple chicken salad. I do a chicken marinade in a white wine concoction (we’ll get to that in just a minute!) then put it over a delicious salad filled with fresh fruit. It really screams SUMMER IMHO. Not a salad person? Try putting it in tacos, or just eating it by itself with whatever side suits you! This marinade is so versatile, the chicken could go with so many meals! Continue reading

Spring Picnics

Spring picnics

I love a good picnic. Especially in late spring or early summer. The days are getting longer and it isn’t unbearably hot yet. Plus, it is something out of the ordinary from a normal dinner-and-a-movie date night. Here’s the best part: you can have a truly gourmet picnic and uh-mazing bottle of wine for the same budget (or less) then the average ho-hum date night! Continue reading

Fruit and nut tray

Try a wine pairing with fruits and nuts! Perfect when you just want a little something to nibble on with your wine!

Last week I blogged about creating a wine and cheese tray, and while they are fabulous and fun, they are generally more filling. I think of cheese trays more as a full appetizer. So what do you do when you want a wine to sip on, and want something to nibble on with it, but nothing too filling?! Enter: the fruit and nut tray! Not only is it gorgeous, it is tasty too! You’d be amazed at how well nuts and fruits can pair with wine!

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