My grown up {wine} diary


I have a confession to make. My very first blog post and I’m already making confessions {le sigh}. Here goes: I have a diary. But don’t worry, it is not like my 15 year old diary about who I was crushing on that week or how my BFF was talking to the guy I liked (face palm). No, no, this is a grown up diary. It revolves around wine… see, grown up, right?!

I started this back in 2011 and it is something I truly treasure and love showing my friends! Wine, to me, is only partly about the drink itself. The bigger (and more important part, in my opinion) is the experience!! Who were you with when you drank this bottle? Where were you? Were you celebrating something or just hanging out with people you love? What were you doing? What were you feeling? What better way to remember all of these events/moments/emotions than to put it on paper! It really is simple… You can actually buy wine label removers so they come off clean and will be perfectly preserved. They are super affordable too… around $20 for 50 label removers. You will also need a book; you can either buy a wine book, or a blank hardcover journal. I have done both and honestly prefer the blank journal. It is so much more customizable, which I like.

So, first things first.

Drink your wine.

Done? Great! Step one, COMPLETE!

Next, follow the directions on the wine label remover to remove said label. Trust me on this part, you will want to use a spoon to rub the adhesive onto the bottle.


Peel the label off and put it in your book!


Write about your night! When we have wines that I really love, I also write about the taste of the wine so that I can easily remember my favorites (plus the label is right there, so I know exactly what to look for next time I want it!)


Does this look like something you would do?! Share your ‘wine diary’ pictures if you do! I hope you have enjoyed my first post and will come back for more!

~Happy sipping~

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